Atrium Medical Center

Middletown, Ohio, USA

This move involved relocating the main legacy hospital and an outbuilding into the new hospital and three outbuildings.  It  took place over 14 days and included advanced planning, scheduling, physical relocation and the consolidation of redundant hospital items. HCR also provided consultation services and verified disconnects and reconnects of high tech medical…

Baptist Health South Florida

Homestead, Florida, USA

HCR provided consultation services to the Baptist Health transition team to plan and develop an efficient move schedule that supported the relocation of both patients and assets to the new site about 10 miles away.  The 10 day relocation was successful as all settled into their new 275,000 square foot home.

Upper River Valley Hospital

Waterville, New Brunswick, Canada

HCR prepared for this logistically challenging move by providing detailed scheduling and advanced planning.  The move involved the relocation of two facilities (each located 25 kilometers away) into a brand new hospital located in between both legacy sites.  HCR provided high-tech hospital equipment verifications and vendor coordination in advance of the…

Bronson Methodist Hospital

Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Through departmental meetings, the development of a detailed move calendar and various other move related information, HCR completed a 4 day move to the new 75,000 square foot facility.  HCR consulted with Bronson Health Care Group to develop the patient move schedule, move routes and a security command structure for patient move.