Upper River Valley Hospital

Waterville, New Brunswick, Canada

HCR prepared for this logistically challenging move by providing detailed scheduling and advanced planning.  The move involved the relocation of two facilities (each located 25 kilometers away) into a brand new hospital located in between both legacy sites.  HCR provided high-tech hospital equipment verifications and vendor coordination in advance of the…

Bronson Methodist Hospital

Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Through departmental meetings, the development of a detailed move calendar and various other move related information, HCR completed a 4 day move to the new 75,000 square foot facility.  HCR consulted with Bronson Health Care Group to develop the patient move schedule, move routes and a security command structure for patient move.

St Lawrence Lodge

Brockville, Ontario, Canada

This relocation involved the resettlement of the existing retirement residence including 224 residents and their belongings into the new 160,000 square foot facility.  Through advance department meetings, HCR completed the planning, scheduling and relocation of each department and their residents.


South Lake Regional Health Centre

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

This relocation was very involved, required intensive planning and our completion of numerous relocations including a variety of existing departments relocated into temporary locations to allow for the construction of a large addition joining two separate buildings together.  HCR’s work entailed all relocation planning, including scheduling and sequencing of the moves.  Through…

Royal Ottawa Hospital

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

HCR provided advanced planning, scheduling and the physical relocation of the entire existing facility and its associated outbuildings to the new adjacent facility.  HCR packed, relocated and unpacked all medical records, relocated the labs from the University of Ottawa Vanier Building and assisted with the planning and relocation of all patients.