A move is only as good as its plan and at HCR we prepare plans and schedules for every aspect of your transition. Our planning involves meetings with all stakeholders to ensure their specific considerations and requirements are addressed and appropriately planned. We become an extension of your facility by conducting on-site department meetings with every department involved in your relocation and become familiar with everything in your facility and all aspects of your operations. We are committed to developing relocation plans that provide for the most expedient and efficient transfers possible.

Budget Planning

It sounds simple but budgeting for a move is a complex process. We will work directly with your financial people to assist in the preparation of a thorough relocation budget.

Risk Management

Evaluation and development of plans that minimize operational and patient risk, pre and post move, drive every decision. We create stakeholder risk and risk-avoidance awareness through direct communication of logistical risks and concerns to all stakeholders.

Move Planning and Schedules

Scheduling equipment, contents and patient moves are critical logistical concerns that we undertake with the utmost care and precision. We will discuss and incorporate all clinical concerns of each department and work with you to develop the schedule that best suits your facility. We determine move quantities, move routes and contingency plans well in advance, to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Creation of a Do-Not-Move-List

Just as important as determining what is relocating, is determining what is not moving. HCR can assist in developing global and departmental Do-Not-Move-Lists that greatly assist and simplify the relocation planning process.

Transferable Equipment Plan

Many healthcare facilities re-use key pieces of equipment, such as DI equipment, OR lights, refrigerators/freezers, sterilizers and lab equipment. HCR can assist in developing the lists of equipment to move and to be disposed of. We can uninstall, relocate and reinstall much of the equipment to be relocated. We work with your contractors and equipment vendors to ensure that all mechanical, electrical and HVAC requirements are in place and that equipment testing, calibration and certification post-relocation is co-ordinated. HCR’s familiarity and experience with medical and laboratory equipment ensures its safety during handling, packing, transporting, unpacking and installation. Our employees recognize the sensitivity of your equipment and make the care of each and every item a priority.

Redundant Asset Management Plan

We help you plan for the central consolidation, asset tagging, inventory-taking and ultimate disposal of old hospital items that are not moving to the new facility.