Nobody knows your facility better than you do. But moving your facility in a manner that mitigates risks, minimizes downtime and maintains patient focus is a highly complex process that requires specialized skill. With two decades’ experience, we can advise you on any or all aspects of your move on a consultative basis, to ensure your facility is prepared to provide the highest level of care to patients during a time of transition and change. We empower your people to make the right decisions to ensure a smooth, precise, efficient transition into your new facility.


Starting with a good transition plan goes a long way to ensuring a positive result. HCR can assist you at a very early stage in identifying and obtaining the transition services required in order to become operational in your new facility.

Design Logistics

HCR can help categorize your equipment and contents prior to your move, in order to create efficiencies in determining items that can be reused versus redundant items. HCR can also assist in determining move, construction and installation logistics for large or heavy equipment and equipment requiring architectural, mechanical and/or electrical attention.

Pre-Construction Tender Evaluation

Pre-construction tender evaluation involves the analysis, evaluation and recommendations regarding construction matters that will help to ensure the success of the ultimate relocation to your new facility and its non-clinical start-up and operation.

AutoCAD Layouts

At HCR, we use the latest AutoCAD software to determine if and how your existing office furniture can best be incorporated into your new facility. This allows you to purge furniture if you are downsizing or purchase new pieces if you are expanding.