Operational readiness planning is vital to the successful occupancy and operation of a new healthcare facility. The objective of HCR’s operational readiness planning is to assist in ensuring that all programs and services at the new facility are ready to begin immediate, organized, safe and efficient operations on the first day of occupancy.

HCR’s operational readiness planning includes: assisting the facility in achieving their operational and functional planning objectives on a timely basis; assisting the facility to develop a bed management plan and a new procedure management plan; advising on pre and post move census control; ensuring that the new facility service delivery models have been fully developed, including the planning for new equipment, medical technology and best practices; ensuring that all required support systems are in place prior to the patient move (e.g. I.T., telecom, systems integration software applications, patient call systems, pharmacy services, engineering maintenance services, environmental services, materials management); and assisting in the development of an integrated communication plan for all stakeholders.