Transition to a new facility requires that the functional building become fully “operational” and ready to begin clinical procedures in support of safe patient care on the first day of the move.

Health Care Relocations works with your team to develop a detailed logistical plan and team-based implementation that enables a smooth transition from a construction project to a fully operational health care facility in preparation for safe service delivery. Our activation strategy integrates building and operational readiness by identifying, defining, organizing and facilitating all planning tasks and leadership/staffing resources that are required to bring the new facility online, through a process that maintains the continuity of operations, while minimizing downtime and risks to patient care activities throughout the transition period.

The outcome of our planning is the integration and scheduling of key planning activities required to support the new facility activation and operational readiness requirements, including task dependencies and staff assignments.

HCR supports the successful activation of your new health care facility by developing a detailed logistical plan that includes and integrates environmental services, facility maintenance, biomedical engineering, new equipment and furniture procurement and installation, materials management and logistics, information and communication technology, clinical commissioning, operational readiness simulations, emergency preparedness, orientation and training, communication and public relations, the legacy site move plan and the patient transfer plan. This planning process will also assist the hospital to accurately budget for the one-time activation and transition costs that will be incurred in connection with the start-up of the new facility.