To use an old expression, this is where “the rubber meets the road.” Health Care Relocations’ 20 years of experience and use of full-time staff dedicated to the physical relocation of healthcare facilities, ensures that every move is performed in the safest, most seamless and most efficient manner possible.

Equipment and Contents Relocation

Health Care Relocations supplies all labour, transportation, moving equipment and supplies required to complete the physical relocation according to the plan and schedule developed during the pre-move transition planning. Our employees consistently exceed our clients’ expectations for efficiency, professionalism and helpfulness. We are unlike any other mover and take tremendous pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction.

HCR can also assist with packing and unpacking and can complete the removal, relocation and reinstallation of wall hung items. Our focus during the physical relocation is to limit the labour burden on your staff, in order to allow them to maintain their normal duties.

Once we’ve moved all your equipment, we can ensure that each item is properly installed, calibrated, tested and certified.

Patient Relocation

HCR assists to ensure the safe and efficient implementation of the patient transfer plan. Mitigation of risk to patients and maintenance of urgent and emergent care throughout the relocation are the primary goals of the entire patient transfer planning and process. HCR is by your side for the entire process, to ensure the achievement of these goals.

Laboratory Relocations

Relocations of functioning research laboratories pose a unique set of obstacles. These moves are often very time sensitive, particularly when biological samples and research animals are involved. Temperature sensitive items require special attention to ensure they are transported in a manner that maintains their desired environment. Highly fragile and sensitive laboratory equipment requires great care to ensure safe transportation. HCR has a wealth of experience in handling, packing and transporting these types of items.

Cross-border relocations pose an additional set of obstacles that HCR can help overcome. We can assist in preparations with the required government offices to ensure all is in order when samples and equipment cross the border.