Vancouver General Hospital

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

850,000 ft² | 78,965 m²  


HCR planned and coordinated the relocation of many departments from the existing hospital in to the new attached facility.  HCR provided detailed scheduling, determined move routes and performed the physical relocation from numerous outbuildings.  We were responsible for coordinating the equipment installations in addition to…

Toronto General Hospital

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

210,000 ft² | 19,510 m² 


HCR was contracted to decant the entire building of the Norman Urquhart Wing to various areas including many exterior buildings to allow for demolition and reconstruction.   In addition, HCR was responsible for the infill of the new Clinical Services Building from other areas of the Toronto…

North York General Hospital

Toronto, Ontario, Canada   

200,000 ft² | 18,580 m²


This project took place over several months and completed the infill of the new attached Patient Tower and Diagnostic Centre.  HCR relocated a variety of departments sprinkled throughout the existing facility which included NICU, Mother Baby Clinic, Obstetrics, Breast Centre, Operating Rooms (10 Theatres) General Surgery,…