Reactivation Care Center at the former Humber River Hospital Finch Site

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Humber River Hospital’s former location at Finch Avenue was reopened after closure as a Reactivation Care Center due to the increasing local need and patient volumes. The Reactivation Care Centre is a collaborative and innovative approach designed to help patients who no longer need acute care services, but often find themselves…

Malcolm Grow Medical Clinic and Surgery Center – Joint Base Andrews

Joint Base Andrews, Prince George County, Maryland, United States

HCR was retained to provide Transition Advisory, Equipment Outfitting and Physical Relocation services for the relocation of the Air Force Medical Clinic and Surgery Center over the course of three phases extending over two years.

The scope of services for the initial phase included the receiving,…

Royal Inland Hospital – Clinical Service Building

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

HCR guided Interior Health with their Operational Commissioning and Project Management Consulting services in advance of the occupancy of the Clinical Services Building.  HCR coordinated and completed the new equipment deployments as well as the physical relocations of all reuse items.





Norfolk Veterinary Clinic

Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Health Care Relocations worked cooperatively with the Strategic Initial Outfitting Transition Solutions (SIOTS) Planning Team in the planning and coordination of OFOI and relocations from the existing Veterinary Clinic, Veterinary Administration, and Food Inspection buildings to the new Veterinary Clinic. HCR completed the physical relocation in three days to compliment the service…

Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada

For over two years, Health Care Relocations worked diligently and cooperatively with all stakeholders including Integrated Team Solutions, the facility, departmental leaders, and staff to complete the thorough transitional planning activities in support of the entire move and occupancy planning process. HCR provided the overall planning, scheduling and performed the…

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Health Care Relocations has been engaged by SJHH to provide planning, managing, coordinating, communicating and relocating services for the transition to the state-of-the art facility that offers seamless integration of medical and mental health care. The completion of this first of three planned phases included the relocation of the Redevelopment…

Toronto Grace Health Centre

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Health Care Relocations began planning for this two phased move in February 2013 by providing ongoing advanced clinical planning, risk management, and the scheduling for the temporary relocation to Hillcrest Centre. The physical relocations involved approximately 300 staff, 93 patients, contents, furniture and specialty equipment. Hillcrest Centre will serve as…

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Health Care Relocations provided the University Health Network ongoing support and logistical move management during their multi-phased moved into their new facility. The summary of services that HCR was responsible for varied with each phase and comprised of the planning and facilitation of patient relocations, the delivery, warehousing, vendor coordination…

Forensic Services and Coroner’s Complex

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In August 2010, construction began on the new Forensic Services and Corners Complex. The new FSCC consolidates the Toronto operations of the Center of Forensic Science (CFS), Ontario Forensic Pathology Service (OFPS) and the Office of the Chief Coroner (OCC).

Health Care Relocations project activities included the complete planning of…