Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre – Virology & Genetics Labs

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

20,000 ft² | 1,860 m²


This relocation involved the Virology and Genetics Labs that were located at the Women’s College Hospital and the Holland Centre.  All labs were relocated to the Sunnybrook Campus and involved moving BSC’s, fridges, freezers, supplies, various pieces of lab equipment and the offices/work stations that supported…

Hamilton Health Sciences – David Braley Cardiac, Vascular & Stroke Research Institute

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

197,700 ft² | 18,365 m²


The David Braley Cardiac, Vascular And Stroke Research Institute brings together the Population Health Research Institute and the Henderson Research Centre under one roof.  This project was a two phased relocation.

Phase 1 consisted of relocating administrative and research offices from two out buildings that were…

Henderson General Hospital

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

425,000 ft² | 39,485 m² | 228 Beds


HCR worked closely with Henderson General Hospital over the past couple of years scheduling and mitigating all the risks that are possible with a multi-phased move.  HCR completed the Owner Purchased Owner Installed (OPOI) prior to the physical relocations which saw the successful…

Montfort Hospital

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

86,000 ft² | 7,990 m² 


Montfort Hospital was a multi-phased expansion and renovation project that was driven by construction and renovation milestones. HCR completed 3 phases in total spanning two calendar years.

Phase 1 consisted of a two day move that saw a seamless transfer of the Emergency Department from the…