Brant Community Health System

Brantford, Ontario, Canada

200,000 ft² | 18,580 m² 


Our work entailed all relocation planning, including scheduling and sequencing of the moves from some existing internal departments, as well as a variety of offsite locations into the addition and renovated existing facility.  Our involvement also encompassed the planning and physical relocation of Inpatient units from…

Providence Health Care

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

250,000 ft² | 23,225 m²


Project Managers from HCR worked with Providence Health to achieve the closure of one facility by relocating staff, equipment and patients to six other facilities within their health network.  They planned and coordinated both the transferable and the transfer of 187 patients.

HCR assisted in…

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

750,000 ft² | 69,675 m² 


This relocation involved the planning, sequencing and physical relocation of two existing hospitals, Port Arthur General Hospital and McKellar General Hospital, into the new 750,000 square foot facility.  This was accomplished through advance planning meetings, detailed scheduling, patient relocation consulting and determining optimal move routes.…

South Jersey Health System – Bridgeton Hospital & Newcomb Hospital

Vineland and Bridgeton, New Jersey, United States

400,000 ft² | 37,160 m² 


HCR moved selected departments from two existing hospitals, Bridgeton Hospital and Newcomb Hospital, located approximately 20 minutes away from the new 400,000 square foot facility.  Our onsite planning and scheduling provided the necessary detail to complete the physical relocations.

Prince County Hospital

Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada

180,000 ft² | 16,720 m²


Prince Country Hospital engaged HCR to provide the planning, sequencing and physical relocations of the entire hospital as well as three out buildings. The patient transfer relocated 44 patients 10 miles to the new facility.  At the conclusion of the relocation, we provided asset…

Vancouver General Hospital

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

850,000 ft² | 78,965 m²  


HCR planned and coordinated the relocation of many departments from the existing hospital in to the new attached facility.  HCR provided detailed scheduling, determined move routes and performed the physical relocation from numerous outbuildings.  We were responsible for coordinating the equipment installations in addition to…

Toronto General Hospital

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

210,000 ft² | 19,510 m² 


HCR was contracted to decant the entire building of the Norman Urquhart Wing to various areas including many exterior buildings to allow for demolition and reconstruction.   In addition, HCR was responsible for the infill of the new Clinical Services Building from other areas of the Toronto…