Winchester District Memorial Hospital

Winchester, Ontario, Canada

100,000 ft² | 9,290 m² 


The Winchester District Memorial Hospital expanded with a new addition of 50,000 square feet and the renovation of 50,000 square feet of existing space to allow for more efficient patient care and patient privacy.  The relocation process involved 5 phases of department relocations, inpatient movement and…

Mt. Sinai

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This relocation involved a 2 phased Laboratory relocation that included approximately 60,000 cryogenically frozen human eggs, sperm and zygotes that were meticulously and carefully transported from the Mt. Sinai Lab to their new IVF Clinic in a nearby building. Absolute care was taken to move 36 liquid nitrogen freezers, as well as…

Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

800,000 ft² | 74,320 m² | 518 Beds


HCR was extensively involved with this relocation project and our direct involvement spanned over two years. Our team completed an in-depth analysis of the transferable equipment to verify the size of electrical and mechanical requirements for each piece being relocated.  This information was…

Mercy Medical Center, Rogers Arkansas

Rogers, Arkansas, USA 

350,000 ft² | 32,515 m² | 160 Beds


The relocation of Mercy Health Center of Northwest Arkansas was a successful, precise move. It took place over 12 days and involved advanced planning and scheduling to move the hospital into the new 350,000 square foot, 160 bed facility. HCR’s responsibilities included the…