Toronto, Ontario, Canada

120,000 ft² | 11,150 m² | 168 Beds

HCR spent more than a year planning the logistically challenging move from the Women’s College Hospital to the brand new state of the art facility at the Sunnybrook Campus which will be home to the Women’s & Babies Program.  Four stories were added to the M Wing at Sunnybrook, two of which are dedicated to the Women’s and Babies Program.

The move itself took place over 6 days with the final day being the patient move.  The move was complicated due to the fact that it was a 9 kilometer (6 mile) journey through the busy streets of Toronto and involved a total of 46 patients – 26 of which were NICU babies.  HCR’s attention to detail provided both patients and staff peace of mind throughout the entire relocation process and allowed the patient move to be completed in a short three hours.