Location: Køge, Denmark

Size: 1,227,085 ft² | 114,000 m² | 200 Beds


The New Zealand University Hospital in Køge, constructed in connection with Køge Hospital, is the most expensive construction project in Region Zealand’s history. It involves approximately 1,399,300 ft² | 130,000 m² of new construction and approximately 581,250 ft² | 54,000 m² of renovations to existing areas. When fully completed in 2026, this expansion will increase the hospital’s overall bed capacity to 789 single rooms, making Zealand University Hospital the main hospital for Region Zealand offering both research and highly specialized care.

This massive project is being completed over six individual phases. HCR was selected to provide Facility Activation Planning, Asset Move Planning, Patient Transfer Planning and Relocation Coordination and Supervision services for Phase 1, the largest Phase of the project.

This phase saw approximately 182,986 ft² / 17,000 m² of demolition to allow for the construction of a new 1,227,085 ft² / 114,000 m² / 200-bed and treatment building. This resulted in the internal relocation of 5 clinical departments and 6 outpatient clinics from their existing areas into the new building: The Department of Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery Department, Ear-Nose-Throat Department, Short-Stay Department, Medical Department, Surgical Outpatient Clinic, Bariatric Clinic, Geriatric Clinic, Ear Nose and Throat Clinic, Orthopedic Clinic, and the Smart Clinic.

HCR’s planning work for this relocation began in November of 2020. For three years leading up to the relocation, HCR worked closely alongside the Zealand University Hospital’s project team and all other stakeholders to ensure all plans were in place to allow for a seamless transition into the new building. HCR developed detailed relocation plans and calendars for both assets and patients that were moving. Those plans were executed over a single week in March 2023 under the close supervision and direction of HCR. The patient transfer took place on the final day, with a total of 81 patients safely transferred into their new spaces over just 5 hours.


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