Spangdahlem Air Base

Spangdahlem, Germany

130,000 ft² | 12,080 m²


For six months, Health Care Relocations completed the meticulous process of receiving and cataloguing new high value medical equipment and furniture at our warehouse in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania.  This product was then crated, packed for transport aboard several ocean containers and shipped overseas to the new 52nd

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Santa Barbara, California, USA

370,000 ft² | 34,375 m² | 337 Beds


Health Care Relocations spent almost a year planning for the move into the new Junipero, Oak Park and Ridley Tree pavilions at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.  For the completion of this internal move, HCR provided the planning, scheduling and physical relocations…

Kelowna General Hospital

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

444,000 ft² | 41,250 m² | 341 Beds


Health Care Relocations teamed again with both Interior Health and Infusion Health for this successful relocation project into the Centennial Building and the Dr. Walter Anderson Building.

HCR performed the installations of owner purchased owner installed items throughout the new facility.  HCR was…

Colchester East Hants Health Centre

Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

368,000 ft² | 34,190 m² | 124 Beds


Health Care Relocations worked with the hospital’s transition team  for almost four years and  during that time, the Project Managers completed the organizational requirements necessary to facilitate the relocation to the modern, state-of-the-art health centre which features a new MRI service, expanded…

Mercy Medical Center

Baltimore, Maryland,  USA

70,000 ft² | 6,500 m²   | 82 Beds


As part of the continuing services provided by Mercy Medical Center (Baltimore), the Family Childbirth and Children’s Center opened its doors to patients on Sunday, June 10th, 2012.  Health Care Relocations provided the planning, management and physical relocation of equipment, supplies and contents. A…