Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Located in Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton, this was the largest Redevelopment Project in the history of the Ministry of Children and Youth, and the first multi-site construction of a Children’s Treatment Centre in the province. The project enabled ErinoakKids to consolidate its patchwork of leased and retrofitted office and commercial space into three new facilities that are fully accessible and appropriately designed to provide care to children and youth with a broad range of disabilities and special needs.

HCR supported this project by providing warehousing and installation services for owner-purchased new equipment and supplies necessary to outfit each of the three new facilities for occupancy. HCR’s head office warehouse was utilized and became the receiving and distribution center for this portion of the project. Over 40,000 items were received, inspected, inventoried, unpacked, assembled, sorted, safely transported to site and professionally installed by HCR employees. HCR also followed up with numerous suppliers on behalf of ErinoakKids to resolve any discrepancies, such as backordered, incomplete and/or damaged orders.

HCR also planned and performed the physical relocation of all assets, staff and services being relocated from eight existing sites across the greater Toronto area into the three new facilities. Working diligently with ErinoakKids’ 20 operational readiness planning groups and the ErinoaksKids’ Operational Readiness Steering Committee, HCR spent numerous months developing detailed move plans and schedules that resulted in the safe and efficient transition of all assets, staff and services into each of the three new facilities, ensuring that full operations resumed immediately after opening.

Following the relocation, HCR provided consolidation and disposal services for all redundant items remaining at each of the existing legacy sites under the direction of ErinoakKids.


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