Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

153,600 ft² | 14,269 m² | 256 Beds


Extendicare is a leading provider of long-term care and home care services for seniors across Canada. Operating a total of 125 Long-Term Care Homes and providing approximately 9.9 million hours of home care services each year, they are the largest senior care provider in the country.

In support of their ongoing commitment to help people live better lives, Extendicare’s national, multi-year, “Improving Care Plan” aims to rebuild every older home in their network, allowing them to significantly increase their overall care capacity for the growing numbers of seniors in need of high-quality care, while delivering a renewed and stronger long-term care system for Canadians across the country and for future generations to come.

HCR was selected to provide a range of transition services in support of Extendicare Sudbury’s Long-Term Care Home Redevelopment Project, which saw the 153,600 ft², 256-bed, Extendicare Countryside Long-Term Care Home constructed in Sudbury, Ontario. This new facility replaced the nearby, aging Extendicare Falconbridge Home.

HCR’s work began in early 2022 when HCR Staff performed a Building and Staff Readiness Review that assessed the project’s specific readiness requirements, verified the status of planning that had already been completed, and developed a high-level report of these findings and recommendations. Using this information, the Extendicare team was better able to prepare for their future operations and facility setup. HCR staff developed customized move plans and move schedules to prepare for the transition of all staff, residents, and reuse assets that would be moving from the existing facility.

HCR staff completed the move over five days in late March of 2024. The asset relocation took place during the first four days of the move, immediately followed by the single-day resident transfer. A total of 184 residents were welcomed into their brand-new Countryside Home over 8 hours, marking the official opening of the new facility.


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