Hagastaden, Stockholm, Sweden

30,000 m² | 322,917 ft² | 16 Beds

St. Erik’s Eye hospital is a world leading specialty hospital that provides a full range of planned and emergency ophthalmology services for patients from all over Sweden and abroad. It is also a world-class university teaching hospital and a leader in research, development, education and training in partnership with Karolinska University Hospital.

The new St. Erik’s Eye Hospital was constructed adjacent to the Karolinska University Hospital and contains twelve operating rooms, numerous laboratories, inpatient, as well as Specialty Clinics for both adult and children. The close proximity to Karolinska University Hospital makes providing services easier and more efficient for both staff and patients.

HCR provided Move Planning and Relocation Management for both assets and patients that were moved into the new hospital from two existing locations in Kungsholmen, the existing St. Erik’s Hospital and the Danderyd’s Hospital Eye Clinic. HCR prepared transferrable equipment and furniture lists, determined move routes, developed a customized move plan and sequence, and created individual department move plans and production reduction and recovery plans in preparation for the move.

When the new building was ready for occupancy, HCR executed those plans and coordinated the safe relocation of approximately 400 employees and all associated equipment, furnishings and contents. With approximately 90% of the existing specialized eye equipment being reused, the total value of assets relocated was approximately $40 million. These moves were completed over nine consecutive days in September 2020, ending with the patient relocation, which saw all patients safely moved into the new hospital.

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