Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

280,000 ft² | 26,012 m² | 100 Beds

The $350 million Stanton Territorial Hospital Renewal P3 project resulted in a new purpose-designed facility that doubled the size of the existing hospital and expanded the offering of healthcare services in the city to meet the growing needs of the population.

HCR was contracted to provide a full-range of transition services to the project, including Operational Readiness Review, Facility Activation Planning, Installation of Owner-Purchased/Owner-Installed Items, Patient and Asset Transfer Planning, Equipment Vendor Coordination, Physical Relocation of Assets, Patient Transfer Coordination, Post-Move Consolidation and Disposal services.

HCR’s involvement with the project began in May of 2017 with an Operational Readiness Review to assess the status of planning that had already been completed. Using the information gathered, HCR spent the next two years working closely with the hospital to develop detailed Facility Activation, FF&E Installation and Relocation Plans to ensure all programs and services at the new hospital could begin organized, safe and efficient operations on opening day of the new facility.

HCR installed new FF&E purchases, performed the physical relocation of all reuse assets and planned and coordinated the patient relocation, which saw a total of 55 patients safely relocated to the new hospital during opening day morning. HCR’s Operational Readiness Planning was put to the test almost immediately – the doors of the new hospital opened to patients at 6:00am and a mother in active labor arrived just 2 minutes later at 6:02am. Her baby boy was safely delivered during the transition later that morning at 9:57am.

Following the relocation, HCR consolidated and disposed of all redundant items at the old facility.

“I think one of the best decisions we made from a project perspective was to hire HCR to assist with Operational Readiness, Transition and the Move. I truly don’t think we would have gotten this building open on time and equipment/patients moved as smoothly and successfully without your expertise guidance and advice.”

~ Gloria Badari – Executive Director, Stanton Hospital Renewal

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