Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Approx. 60,000 ft²


The Health & Wellness Clinic at the University of Toronto provides a wide range of physical and mental health services to students to support them in achieving their personal and academic goals.

The existing Health & Wellness Clinic is undergoing a 36-month renovation, that when completed, will bring all Health & Wellness services together on one floor, with spaces tailored to meet student needs and improve accessibility. This renovation will increase the space available to serve students, improve entryways, general access and update different areas to meet modern student needs.

HCR provided Asset Move Planning and Physical Relocation for various clinics that were moved from spaces on the first, second and third floors of 214 College Street, to temporary accommodations at 700 Bay Street.

In the months leading up to the move, HCR worked closely with University of Toronto project staff to prepare for the move. This included providing detailed instructions on purging and packing and the development of a detailed customized move plan and manual. Adding to the intricacy of the move was the fact that the clinics were moving out of an old building with a small, slow elevator, with some areas only accessible by stairs. HCR overcame these obstacles and safely executed the relocation plan over a single day in November of 2022.

Once the renovations are completed, anticipated to be in summer of 2024, HCR will be returning to relocate the clinics from their temporary accommodations into the newly renovated space.


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