Utica, New York, USA

702,000 ft² | 65,2172 m² | 373 Beds


Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) operates seventeen primary care locations, a Children’s Health Center, a Women’s Health Center, a Breast Care Center, and general, orthopedic, and neurological surgical groups to serve the healthcare needs of residents from Oneida, Herkimer and Madison and other surrounding counties in New York State.

The $481 million MVHS Wynn Hospital project involved the construction of a new nine-story 702,000 ft², 373-bed hospital in Utica’s downtown core. The new facility replaced both the existing 66-year-old St. Luke’s Campus and 106-year-old St. Elizabeth Medical Center, allowing MVHS to consolidate services into a single location and offer an optimized work environment for caregivers while promoting patient health.

HCR was selected to provide Asset Transfer Planning, Physical Relocation of Assets, Patient Transfer Planning, and Patient Transfer Coordination services for the project. HCR worked closely with MVHS for a year, attending bi-weekly scheduling and transitional planning meetings, conducting project scheduling workshops, and developing detailed customized move plans and schedules to prepare each individual department and all patients at both legacy sites for this complex relocation. HCR also led the coordination of local and state EMS assets and staff who performed several mock patient moves in advance of the actual patient transfer to develop accurate timelines and test move routes and logistics to ensure the safe and seamless transfer of all patients on patient move day.

These plans were executed over twenty days in October 2023. During the first eighteen days of the move, HCR staff carefully relocated all non-essential reuse assets from both existing hospitals, each located approximately three miles away. The nineteenth day of the move saw the safe transfer of all patients. HCR coordinated all logistical support including EMS and MVHS staff who transferred 151 patients from St. Luke’s Campus and 83 patients from St. Elizabeth Medical Center. The patient move began at 7:00 am on October 29th and was completed by 3:50 pm with all 234 patients safely settled into their new rooms at the Wynn Hospital, marking the official closing of both St. Luke’s Campus and St. Elizabeth Medical Center and the opening of the new Wynn Hospital. HCR returned on the final day and completed the relocation of all remaining reuse assets from various departments within both existing sites to the new hospital.


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