Ventura, California, USA

355,000 ft² | 30,195 m² | 250 Beds


The $275 Million Ocean Tower at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, California was built to meet modern seismic requirements. Constructed adjacent to the existing Mountain Tower and connected via tunnels and corridors on numerous levels, this six-story, 355,000 ft² tower added 250 all private rooms, significantly expanded the Emergency and Surgical Services Departments, and updated all other critical healthcare areas of the hospital.

Working in cooperation with transition consultant HTS Consultants Inc., HCR was contracted to provide Move Planning and Relocation Services for the project. HCR planned and scheduled the relocation of approximately 175,000 ft² of re-use medical equipment, furnishings and contents. Once the Master Relocation Plan & Schedule were finalized, HCR performed the physical relocation of all assets moving from the existing Mountain Tower into the new Ocean Tower. This internal relocation took place over five consecutive days.

Once the move was completed, HCR provided floor-by-floor consolidation services at the Mountain Tower for all redundant medical equipment, furnishings, IT devices, and other assets remaining that were not moved into the Ocean Tower.


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