Toronto, Ontario, Canada

87,000 Ft²   |  8080 m² | 119 Beds


The Toronto Grace is a 119-bed hospital in downtown Toronto owned and operated by The Salvation Army, providing medically complex and specialized care services. Toronto Grace began a building modernization program in 2013, which was completed in 2017. HCR began planning for this two-phased move in February 2013 by providing ongoing advanced clinical planning, risk management, and scheduling for the temporary relocation of the Toronto Grace Health Center to the Hillcrest Centre, located approximately five kilometers away. The physical relocations involved approximately 300 staff, 93 patients, contents, furniture and specialty equipment. Hillcrest Centre served as the decant site for a little over 3 years while building renovations at the downtown location were completed, at which time HCR returned to support Phase Two of the project. Phase Two saw all 105 patients, staff, volunteers and hospital contents, including furniture and equipment, relocate back to the renovated original facility. HCR provided all the logistical planning and physical relocation services necessary to bring together both phases and make this project a success.

The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Hospital