Brampton, Ontario, Canada

1,300,000 ft² | 120,775 m² 


For two years, HCR planned for the relocation of the entire Peel Memorial site (including other outbuildings) to the new facility that was located 20 minutes away.  HCR’s work not only included the coordination and onsite receiving, unpackaging, assembly and placement of the Owner Purchased Owner Installed (OPOI) equipment but also the physical relocations.  HCR worked with the facility to develop the move sequence, master move plan and individualized department move plans.

HCR provided strategic planning to reduce facility census and associated risk management issues as well as coordinated with all in-patient units to develop the global patient move plan.  During the patient relocation, 236 patients successfully transferred to the new site between 7 am and 1:22 pm.’s-facilities/brampton-civic-hospital