Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

200,000 ft² | 18,580 m²


The new Etobicoke Wellness Centre was constructed as part of William Osler Health System’s Etobicoke General Hospital Redevelopment Project. This 6-storey, 200,000 ft² facility replaced the existing Medical Office Building, becoming the new home to several of Osler’s outpatient services.

HCR provided move planning and physical relocation services for numerous clinics that were moving into the new Etobicoke Wellness Centre. The Pre-Anesthesia Clinic was relocated from the Etobicoke General Hospital, and the Fracture Clinic, Diagnostic Imaging, Diabetes Education, and IS Training Rooms were relocated from the Medical Office Building. The entire relocation was completed by the HCR team over two consecutive days.

HCR has been contracted by Project Co. (Walsh Canada, Inc.) and William Olser Health System’s to provide move planning & relocation services for the next phase of the redevelopment project, which will see the completion and occupancy of the new Patient Care Tower, expected to take place in 2019.


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