Location: Lanaudière Region, Quebec, Canada
Repentigny Seniors’ Home & Alternative Home Size: 62,785 ft² / 5,833 m²
L’Assomption Seniors’ Home Size: 61,353 ft² / 5,699 m²
Mascouche Seniors’ Home Size: 62,290 ft² / 5,787 m²


The CISSS de Lanaudière operates nineteen residential and long-term care centers in the Lanaudière Region of Quebec for seniors and those with significant loss of autonomy. These centers, commonly referred to in Quebec as CHSLDs, create safe accommodations for residents while providing the necessary care services and additional support and monitoring services, all in a single location.

The CISSS de Lanaudière Seniors’ Homes & Alternative Homes Redevelopment Project involved the construction of three new homes to meet the growing needs of residents in the Lanaudière Region – the Mascouche Seniors’ Home, the L’Assomption Seniors’ Home and the Repentigny Seniors’ Home & Alternative Home. Each home houses 48 single private rooms, each with its own private bathrooms and living areas, which are divided into four separate living units within each building.

HCR provided a variety of transition-related services for the project, including Project Management, Facility Activation Planning, Asset Transfer Planning, Physical Relocation of Assets, Resident Transfer Planning and Resident Transfer Coordination services.

HCR’s Project Management work began in late 2022 when HCR performed a detailed review of the CISSS de Lanaudière Project Team that had been put in place, proposed necessary improvements, and developed a customized project schedule that was used throughout the project to monitor the state of progress against project occupancy deadlines. HCR continued working closely with all project stakeholders over the next two years to lead the facility activation asset, and resident transfer planning, to ensure that all three facilities were fully operational and ready to safely accept residents on Day 1 of occupancy.

These plans were executed over three consecutive days in late January of 2024. The first day of the move saw HCR perform the physical relocation of contents from the Cognitive Therapy Departments, various administrative offices and storage spaces at both the existing Alphonse-Rondeau Accommodation Center and the Claude-David Multiservice Health and Social Services Center moved into the new facilities. The second and third days of the move were dedicated to the resident transfers, which saw a total of 116 residents safely transferred into the three new facilities. A total of 56 residents were safely transferred from the existing Alphonse-Rondeau Accommodation Center on the second day of the move, and a total of 60 residents were safely transferred from the existing Claude-David Multiservice Health and Social Services Center on the third and final day of the move.


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